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Live streaming, webcasts, webinars, virtual events and video production services. 
Stream from anywhere to everyone. We specialize in LIVE internet streaming via Facebook LIVE and YouTube LIVE along with every other method of streaming you can think of. 
We are dedicated to helping our clients utilize the power of online video and digital media.

Creative Live Streaming Solutions


Corporate Video Production

  • High definition multi-camera footage with standard cameras and tripods or 4K multi-camera footage with premium cameras and tripods included in the basic professional service;

  • Wireless or wired handheld microphones included in basic service (Qty 2);

  • 1x1 or 2x2 LED light panels are included in the basic service (Qty 2);

  • Post-production content editing, archiving and creation (optional services);

  • Filming of interviews, product endorsements and testimonials (optional services);

  • Live web streaming services with integrated video players, monetization options or streaming to a third party landing page (optional services);

  • Digital archiving services in HD and mobile via cloud service or flash drive or hard drive provided by the customer, included in the basic service.



No matter the size of your event or your intended audience - there is a LIVE WEB STREAMING solution that can meet your needs.  We have chosen to focus our expertise on the following event types:

  • Town Hall Meetings with Senior Leadership

  • Conferences

  • Trade Shows

  • Sporting Events (club, youth, amateur & semi-pro)

  • Houses of Worship

  • Press Events

  • Product Launches

  • Musical Concerts

  • Theatrical Shows, Musicals & Operas

  • Continuing Education Courses

  • University Lecture Series

  • Educational Events


Training Videos/Educational Courses

Academic institutions, educational organizations and training centers can also use live streaming as a tool for educational advancement thru CEU courses or professional development seminars. 

These cost effective live streaming solutions are designed to reach more people across the country in real-time than any other educational method.

2 choices of us all-in-one system mobile production.

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Multicam Live Production Services,

Corporate Video Events, Sports and Much More.

About us

We're live streaming branded content, live events, sports, music concerts,

house of worship, teleconferences, weddings or any party, whatever you're content.
Our digital media broadcast (OB-VAN).

Can deliver a Multi-Cam Ultra High Definition System. 

Our Outside Broadcast Van is a multi-cam television studio for

the professional production of your event. 
Any production includes pre-recorded videos, graphics, animations,

and simultaneously streaming via all types of social media etc. 

We broadcast the final video using up to 6 internet paths (bond technology) 

Professional Audio Mixer up to 128 channels,  Dante Live

mix multi channel audio Inside!

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